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Fasia Kolia

Fasia Kolia


Renowned for her Kim language abilities and a staunch supporter of the DKB project and staff, Fasia Kolia provided us with hours of Kim recordings. Locally known as “Fasia the Talkative,” she gave us many insights into local history, customs, and beliefs. Fasia, who was in her mid-sixties during the DKB fieldwork, is known throughout the Lake Kwako region as a morally upright, deeply honest person, and she always offered the DKB team the highest degree of hospitality, walking miles barefoot over sandy trails to carry us dishes of choice food, feting us with gift fowls, or receiving us graciously at her own home in Mosenten. She was an unpretentious, plain-spoken woman, whom everyone respected and loved, including all members of the DKB but especially Hannah Sarvasy, her adopted daughter.


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